Whistles, banana throws, lasers… A spoilt party at Parc des Princes

While attempting to take his penalty on Tuesday evening at the Parc des Princes with Brazil, Neymar had to contend with lasers being fired by Tunisia (5-1). GONZALO FUENTES / REUTERS

NARRATIVE – On Tuesday in Paris, during the international friendly match between Brazil and Tunisia, there was a magnificent atmosphere, but there were also some excesses to report (5-1).

Special correspondent stationed at the Princes’s Palace in Paris

Lovely atmosphere and a significant environment This international friendly match between Brazil and Tunisia will take place on Tuesday evening at the Parc des Princes (5-1). But regrettably, that’s not the only thing that needs to be kept in mind… Everything had gotten off to a fantastic start, with crowds of supporters from both teams heading in the direction of the traditional hangout of Paris Saint-Germain with happiness and a positive attitude in the hours leading up to the meeting. The park was full. A park that is either ninety or ninety-five percent dedicated to the cause of the Eagles of Carthage. All of these lovely folks were patiently waiting for the doors to open at 1:30 a.m. for the kick-off, which was scheduled for 8:30 p.m., and tiny groups singing could be heard here and there while they waited. Good child. It was not unusual to see fans of Brazil and Tunisia having a good time together.

As more people came to watch the game, it became clear very soon that the Brazilians were going to play on the road. The legendary Selecao is, despite this, extremely highly accepted worldwide…

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