A global day for watches is long overdue.

Even though days have been designated for things like bicycles, french fries, and beards, watches still do not have their own day. A blunder that needs to be rectified as quickly as possible!

What if we gave time the chance it deserves? After all, ever since their conception, watches have been with humanity at every turn for millennia, whether they were small enough to fit in a pocket, large enough to be worn on the wrist, or small enough to fit in the pommel of a hunting knife during the time of Francois I. The addition of a third hand was accomplished by first marking each hour, then each minute, and finally each second. Since Breguet’s invention of the tourbillon, numerous different complications have been added to watches in an effort to satiate the desire for precision among watchmakers and enthusiasts of timekeeping. In addition to providing an accurate depiction of the passage of time, the minute repeaters and other large chimes are also works of art in their own right.

However, we do not give timepieces the respect that they should receive. Surprisingly, there is not yet a day designated as World Watch Day; there is currently no World Watch Day! On the other hand, only God knows if our schedule is already cluttered with hundreds of days of varying types, many of which are wacky or entirely commercial in nature. And the majority of them are names that are completely foreign to you. The day of the beard, beer, cat, Belgian fries, and even putting things off until tomorrow… The website that painstakingly details all of them contains all that is required for a Prévert-style inventory. But watch out for that! However, this trustworthy buddy of ours would have many grounds to be honoured in this manner, and even at the most prestigious level, that of UNESCO and the United Nations. Considering that this one celebrates February 13 on the radio and June 3 on the bike, why not watches?

There is no shortage of justification for the establishment of such a day: when the United Nations General Assembly pays homage to the bicycle, it salutes in the resolution aiming to create World Bicycle Day “the unique longevity and versatility of the bicycle, used since two centuries, simple, affordable, and environmentally sustainable.” This is one of the reasons why such a day should be established. We might say the exact same thing, nearly word for word, about a watch, which is manufactured, bought, worn, and offered by the millions each year, ranging from the most affordable to the most expensive. Useful, versatile, adaptable, durable… It satisfies the requirements and wishes of each and every individual, from the most basic activity, which is to tell the time in a fashionable manner, to the most complex activities. It continues to function without fail for decades, spanning generations as it is passed from one person to the next, or more accurately, from one wrist to the next, ultimately becoming a priceless heirloom for the family. Last but not least, how can we ignore the fact that the watchmaking industry not only contributes to employment in the country of origin for Swiss Made products, but also all over the world? Designers, assemblers, watchmakers, salesmen, salespeople… The magnitude of this seemingly inconsequential factor’s impact on the state of the economy, whether it be mechanical and Swiss, Japanese, or American and connected, is just staggering.

There is still one question that has to be answered: at what point in time should one show respect to watches? The date of October 10 makes the most sense. In point of fact, the hands of every single piece that is up for sale in the boutique are always presented with the time set to 10:10 in order to ensure that the components of the dial are displayed in the most harmonious manner possible. A presentation that is so engaging that it has earned the nickname “the watchmaker’s smile.” What if, on October 10, which is designated as World Watch Day, we at last pay our watch the respect it so justly merits?

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