A real-life look at Lemaire’s attire for Fashion Week

The presentation of the immersive collection of the French brand is organized to take place in the Salle des Tissus of the Musée des Arts & Métiers. It is designed to entice viewers while adhering to the standards established by the brand.

More than just fashion, Christophe Lemaire and Sarah-Linh Tran build an everyday wardrobe that is tailored to the “actual” lifestyles of their customers. They make no secret of this fact. A closet to which, collection after collection, items are added while maintaining an atmosphere that is consistent throughout. By this rule, the house has put together a show like no other for this season… Christophe Lemaire notes that their goal is to “grow this format,” which they consider to be rather “disembodied.” We think it would be interesting to witness people going about their daily lives as they typically would in between events.

Read on to learn more about Lemaire, the fashion company that embodies the essence of France.

After being invited to go to the Museum of Arts and Crafts on Wednesday, the spectator, who is welcomed by the designer duo, climbs the stairs where two young men are in the middle of a discussion before entering the fabric room. One of the young men is dressed in a generous trench coat, while the other is dressed in a light jacket. on a fluid shirt and pleated trousers. There is a large group of individuals there, and they appear to be waiting in line in the same manner that one might in the lobby of a train station or the hallways of a university. What exactly are they holding out for? …

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