A resurgence in the popularity of jewellery

STYLE – The jewelry industry has never seen such successful outcomes. A dynamic that will undoubtedly be reinforced by novelties that have been trimmed to win over the French.A reasonable cause for optimism. To put it succinctly, this is how the participants in the jewelry sector feel about the new academic year, which started with a clean slate and positive signs in every area. Mathilde Haemmerlé, partner at Bain & Company in Paris and head of the Luxury division at the firm, confirms that the industry as a whole is thriving, saying that “the sector is doing very well.”

The market for luxury personal items experienced a remarkable recovery in 2021, rising to a level that was 3% higher than it was before the pandemic in 2019. And in this thriving environment, the jewelry market, which is currently valued at 22 billion euros, is projected to “outperform” with an increase in 2021 of 7% when compared to 2019, which was already a historic year. This is a comforting product category, which suggests that the product has a high level of resistance. Before the financial crisis, China was the primary engine of expansion. Since 2021, the United States and, more lately, Europe have emerged as major development engines.

A great replacement

This is evidenced by the long lines of people waiting in front of the stores in Paris that sell well-known goods. The market for the sale of watches and jewels…

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