Bottega Veneta, Jil Sander, and Trussardi ruled Milan Fashion Week.

Matthieu Blazy, the artistic director of Bottega Veneta, suggested a procession that was remarkable and mysterious in terms of its technology, moving and engaging in terms of its aesthetics.

Special envoy to Milan

The physiognomy of a fashion show has undergone a complete transformation over the past five years: influencers in the front row, scenographies that allow live broadcast on social networks, castings that have opened up to diversity, fashion that has (a lot) rejuvenated its target audience and whose vocation is, to caricature, to affect Instagram… However, the novelty is no longer as strong as it once was today. And an unacceptable number of women can no longer find a place for themselves in this enormous arena. They desire to be as opposed to appearing, to dress as opposed to making a claim, and to reflect as opposed to appearing. They all agreed on this point as they were leaving the Bottega Veneta parade, which was both technically amazing and enigmatic, emotionally touching, and intriguing in terms of its style. They had the impression that someone was finally talking to them again.

“perverse banality”

Matthieu Blazy begins the procession with a young woman wearing a checkered overshirt (in leather), worn over a tank top, the same as he did in his very first presentation for the brand approximately six months ago…

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