Could you go on an expedition with an Apple Watch Ultra?

Hiking and trail fans will like this Ultra’s cutting-edge features, such as its real-time compass with waypoints and its 86-decibel fall alarm with “night” mode that changes the interface color to red. Apple

The latest connected watch from Cupertino’s behemoth retails for 999 euros and aims the same “Swiss Made” as the most expensive “smartwatches.”

How would you characterize the Apple Watch in general? After eight years, it all comes down to perspective. We gather that it played a supporting role in Apple’s Keynote 2022 on Wednesday night, as compared to the 1.8 billion iPhones in use throughout the world and the billion dollars in daily turnover of the Apple brand last year. Yet, his most recent rendition was the only truly original part of this school-year-returning showcase…

The scenery indeed seems different when viewed from Switzerland rather than California. If the match was still even in 2018 (23 million for Cupertino, 24 on the Swiss side), it would have sold 38 million Apple Watch last year against “only” 16 million “Swiss-made” pieces. Tim Cook’s connected watch has been on the market for only a few years, but it has already outsold the entire global sales of Swiss watchmaking.

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Why should it matter if Apple completely dominates the watch market with one product (and a bunch of bracelets)?

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