Custom clothing made in 3D, no simulated fittings allowed.

The urban wardrobe was given a contemporary and technological touch by Les Nouveaux Ateliers with the help of this system.

How does one get fitted for clothing in the metaverse? It would not come as a complete surprise if Frédéric Rensonnet had already begun to think about it. This esthetician is fully connected to his time and is a lover of gorgeous garments. He is also visionary.

At the helm of Nouveaux Ateliers, he places his bets on the future and, starting today, he will continue the redeployment of this Parisian brand, which has shocked consumers who are interested in purchasing items that are of high quality but are sold at affordable costs.

What is his idea? Using digital technology, you may create individualized costumes depending on the wearer’s measurements. Because, with no disrespect intended toward traditionalists, clothing has never stopped evolving, whether in terms of its appearance, its design, its construction, or the materials it is made of.

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Very accurate representation of the PDS

Frédéric Rensonnet fully assumes this, and even makes it the spearhead of his new strategy for conquest, which has been rebuilt and refocused around these five stores: “We are pleased of these inventions, which have given the custom-tailored clothes industry a new lease on life. Staying true to our technological roots, we are currently developing new experiences…

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