Dior at the time of the Spanish

Andalusian know-how and attitude have been incorporated into the classic Saddle bag that is part of the Dior 2023 cruise line.

What is the primary facet of my character?

I was conceived for the cruise collection inspired by Spain, more specifically by the Capitana, which was the term given to Carmen Amaya, the flamenco icon, who was the first dancer to dress as a male. Pride is a very Spanish characteristic, and I was modeled after it as I was inspired by Spain. And didn’t Christian Dior call one of his haute couture outfits “Ball in Seville” in 1956 when he designed it? An Iberian sensibility was passed down to me through the works of artists such as Goya, Zurbarán, and Picasso, among others, and it can be seen in their artwork.

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My look?

I am a shoulder bag from the Saddle collection, made of calf leather, embroidered with a black and white Cornely effect ornamental design with pompoms, and equipped with a shoulder strap that can be removed and adjusted as needed. That covers the more technical aspects. I would much rather we focus on the sexier side of Hidalgo, as well as my more dominant personality traits. I can avoid using any of the cliches that are commonly associated with Spain since I have Spain ingrained in my very being.

My particularities?

A fantastic job, all things considered, was done on my leather, which…

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