Fauci Warns That US Hospitals Will Be Filled Again By Omicron

The main epidemiologist of the US Government, Anthony Fauci, warned this Sunday that the country’s hospitals will be filled with patients again in the next two weeks due to the rapid expansion of the omicron variant of covid-19.

“If things continue the way that is being marked now, in a week or two we will have our hospitals very full of people because there are many people in this country who can receive the vaccine and have not done so said the doctor in an interview. on the NBC channel.

Fauci said that the most recent variant of the virus “is spreading rapidly throughout the world” and, despite admitting that there are still doubts about its degree of severity – there are studies that indicate that it is milder than other variants – he pointed out that The fact that it is transmitted so easily makes it equally dangerous.

” We will see an upturn in infections, there is no question about that. But there is a major difference in severity between a person who received the vaccine and the booster dose and one who did not,” he said.

Facing the approaching Christmas period, the chief epidemiologist of the White House recommended caution to everyone on these dates, even those who have already received the booster dose of the vaccine, and recalled that you must wear a mask in the airports and airplanes.

He also recommended not attending events in which there will be people whose vaccination status is unknown.

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