Fidel Castro, the tyrant who wore a Rolex-style watch

The revolutionary in Cuba will instantly become identifiable by his signature look, which will consist of a trellis, a goatee, and a Rolex watch. Yousef Karsh / Camera Press / Gamma Photographic Agency

THE MYSTERIES OF LEGENDARY WATCHES (3/5) – The Cuban leader Maximo also contributed to the annals of history with his Cohiba cigars as well as his Rolex watches.

Whether the work of visionary watchmakers or enduring symbols of popular culture, these timepieces have graced the wrists of kings, dictators, and rock stars, generated headlines, and caused bidding wars at auctions. The whirlwind of history is captured by five different watches.

A Cuban, and certainly not the least, will have had a significant amount of appreciation for the watches of the illustrious brand with the crown: Fidel Castro. The Cuban tyrant will have worn them virtually his whole life, from Havana to sessions at the United Nations in Moscow and everything in between. Timepieces that had prematurely aged due to exposure to the sun as well as the smoke from the Cohiba cigars that he smoked for the entirety of each day.

It all begins with a platitude that has been elevated to the status of a myth, which, strangely, we were even able to spot a few years ago on the wall of the Parisian office of… the former President of the Republic Nicolas Sarkozy! This iconic photograph was taken by Robert Capa in 1961 and shows Fidel Castro, who was serving as Prime Minister of the Republic of Cuba at the time, holding his head in his hands while holding a cigar between his fingers…

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