Hyères Festival crowned Jenny Hytönen.

Her collection, which included leather pieces that were bristling with spikes and gowns that were set with thousands of glass beads, was able to win over industry experts and was awarded the public prize from the city of Hyères. Arnel Ian Dela Gente

A grant for 20,000 Euros was bestowed upon the Finnish student of the illustrious Aalto school who is 25 years old and a member of the fashion jury.

Instead of taking place in the spring as was the norm before the pandemic, the 37th edition of the Hyères International Festival of Fashion, Photography, and Accessories, which is an annual event dedicated to emerging designers, was staged in the fall for the seventh consecutive year. This year, the fashion jury, which was led by Glenn Martens, the artistic director of Y/Project and Diesel, bestowed a monetary endowment of 20,000 euros upon Jenny Hytonen, a student from Finland who is currently enrolled in the illustrious Aalto school. Hypponen is 25 years old.

Her collection, which includes leather pieces that are bristling with peaks and gowns that are set with thousands of glass beads (our photo), has won over industry specialists as well as laymen. This is because she also received the public-city prize of ‘Hyeres. She is going to make an effort to bring her fetishist style to a commercial collection by working with Galeries Lafayette and Icicle to produce two capsule collections that will be made accessible in the following year. Another significant winner of this competition is the German Valentin Lessner, who took first place in…

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