In the workplace of Daniel Roseberry

Immerse yourself in the colorful workspaces of six designers, perfumers, and creatives, where each object reveals a different aspect of their character.

A white room with moldings and parquet floors, a huge table, a chair on casters, a green plant, and in one corner, a corkboard on which are pinned some suggestions about his forthcoming collection make up the entirety of Daniel Roseberry’s workplace. The absolute minimum required. However, because of its location at number 21 Place Vendôme, it offers a beautiful view of the Vendôme column, which is so close that it almost gives the sense that it can be touched. On such a glorious day in the summer, the light is stunning.

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“Yes, you’re right; the light has a very unique quality, doesn’t it? This, he has admitted. I say this with the utmost humility, but in my opinion, this is the most gorgeous office in the entire world. I made no effort to personalize it in any way. It is virtually devoid of people, but in some ways, it is comparable to my existence in Paris. To put it another way, I’m still working on establishing myself in this place… I can very vividly recall that, exactly six months after I had come…

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