In the workplace of Francis Kurkdjian

In terms of both city life and brain make-up, Francis Kurkdjian is therefore a million miles off from the image of Épinal du “nose.” Louis Canadas for Le Figaro

IN IMMERSION (4/6) – Just a few short months after being appointed head of Dior scents, the dashing Parisian opens the doors to his lair in Neuilly-sur-Seine with a Proustian atmosphere.

Immerse yourself in the colorful workspaces of six designers, perfumers, and creatives, where each object reveals a different aspect of their character.

The arrival of Francis Kurkdjian is premature. If we enter his office at exactly nine o’clock, we know that he has been there since six forty-five minutes earlier. “After that, time is no longer something that belongs to me. Since October of last year, when he first started working at Dior, the perfumer has continued his days with intensity. “I needed to go over my automatisms and select the suitable basic elements for the palette. Even though I can recite bergamot, rose, and jasmine by heart, their characteristics are not always the same. In addition to that, I needed to become familiar with several nomenclatures. Since the beginning of my career, I’ve always been employed in an Anglo-Saxon setting… It’s kind of a joke, but at Dior, the names of the molecules are written in French.

His office was decorated with elements of Dior, which helped him find his footing: a few personal items, the image of Mr. Dior that was inevitably hung on the wall, a few illustrations by Gruau, a magnificent photo of the tailor Bar, who became a standard of the New Look…

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