In the workplace of Olivier Rousteing

In his office on rue Pasquier in Paris, Olivier Rousteing can be seen. Louis Canadas for Le FigaroIN IMMERSION (1/6) – The darling child of fashion and the stars imagines the extravagant collections of Balmain on the sixth level of the building, which has a view over the roofs of Paris.

Immerse yourself in the colorful workspaces of six designers, perfumers, and creatives, where each object reveals a different aspect of their character.

It’s a nest built into the roof of a building in the 8th arrondissement of Paris, just behind the plaza where the church honoring Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette is located. The king of fashion and social networks, who has more than 8 million followers on his Instagram account, “lives” at his office, coming in early in the morning and staying late into the night, even on weekends and holidays. Postcard-worthy is the scene that unfolds before you as you look out over the roofs of Paris toward the Sacré-Coeur in the distance. Two enormous L-shaped slabs of black marble form the core of this sumptuous design, which is imposing but not remarkable. It is interrupted with bits of black and cream, mirrors, and bronze; we could just as easily be at Balmain as we are at Rousteing. It is more than just an office; it is his “fief,” his second home, and at times it even serves as his primary residence. The architects, from Studio AMV, are not only the master craftspeople of the area but also…

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