Italy’s fashion scene has recently gone chic and elegant.

I In recent years, the fashion presentations in Milan have been influenced by the sportswear movement that originated in the United States. After some time away from the industry, the designers find their way back to their original love: fashion.Special envoy to Milan

As we were leaving the parade, a colleague from Bossa greeted us and asked, “But weren’t they supposed to do sportswear anymore?” The German brand had indeed spoken a lot, since the pandemic, about its change of strategy, justifying that the jacket was more or less finished, that the new generation teleworked in sweatshirts, and that jogging was the new suit… The German brand had indeed spoken a lot, since the pandemic, about its change of strategy.

When the guests of the parade take their places on the bleachers of the Milan velodrome (a former temple of cyclists now devoted to American football, quite a symbol), they, therefore, anticipate seeing logo sweatshirts and caps, similar to what they saw during the previous season. This will take place on Thursday evening. Nay. Despite the interior design, the collection brings back into focus what Boss has been famous for almost a century (we’ll commemorate the anniversary in two years): the costume.

The beginning of the Fashion Renaissance in Italy

So, of course, the traditional banker’s suit is worn big (by the “boss” of the catwalk, Naomi Campbell), the sleeves of the sweaters protrude irresponsibly from those of the jackets, and so on.

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