King Charles III’s underwear

These are the white bands that appear on the edge of the waistcoat in THE CHRONICLE OF JULIEN SCAVINI.

Although we have already discussed the locker room of Charles III in the columns of Figaro Magazine, how could we possibly avoid bringing it up again in a column that is devoted to elegance? How one ought not to show respect or tribute to this monarch, who, after David and Bertie, held the position of Prince of Wales with great distinction. Let’s concentrate on one specific facet of the situation:

the jacket that he and Camilla wore to their wedding together. In more ways than one, she stands out as unique. To begin, you may tell by the presence of a one-centimeter-long shining braid that has been very delicately set on the margins. In addition, the pants have a high rise, and as a consequence, the vest has a highly erudite and classic crossing shape. It is also extremely short.

Read more about Charles III in the books The Style of a Prince and The Stuff of a King.

On the other hand, current pants are not cut from an ancient grey ticking with black stripes; rather, they are cut from a grey ticking with white stripes. Last but not least, the “underpants,” a particular aspect that draws the attention of knowledgeable onlookers. What are you going to make of this situation? It is not a piece of underwear. The “slip” is comprised of the white stripes that are located along the vest’s hemline. They create the idea that there is a subsequent…

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