New York’s Summer Art Scene During Fashion Week

Khaite, Ulla Johnson and Eckhaus Latta. Khaite / Ulla Johnson / Eckhaus Latta

THE REPORT – From Brooklyn to Tribeca, the fashion presentations are painting a picture of a bright summer in 2023, with gowns that combine crochet and “power dressing.”

From our very own New York-based special reporter

On the 9th of September, Friday, at 4 o’clock Summer party dresses have been blooming on Chambers Street in Tribeca in preparation for the commencement of the first “genuine” New York Fashion Week since the beginning of 2020, which is a century at terms of fashion. Everyone is extremely (extremely) pleased to meet each other at the parade Proenza Schouler. Just a few seconds before the first silhouette is revealed, the massive columns that comprise the new digital art center known as the Hall of Lights are converted into waterfalls. Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough, the designers of the company, set the summer tone they want to be Latin and sensual with the help of their children, who have wet hair and are tanned. Flared sleeves and legs, flamenco-inspired inspiration, pompoms, and vivid colors across all floors. A community of Bolivian braiders is responsible for the production of crochet gowns, which are expected to be quite popular during the summer of 2023. The pair have not lost any of their chemistry.

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