Sergio Guera: Presenting the Argentine Soul in New York

For the first time in his long photographic career, Sergio guera has presented a sample of his work in New York, the city where he has covered the Tennis Open for a long time, now he has revealed human facets of the life and nature of the great nation from the south of the continent.

Sergio Llamalera was born in Mar del Plata (1962) and since 1996 he began his career as a freelance photographer in Buenos Aires, since then his work has been widely known for the coverage of the most prestigious sporting events in his native country. At an international level, his first jobs were carried out in newspapers in Spain, and on his return to his native Argentina, he continued working for prestigious local media, in addition to collaborating with international agencies.

Since 1999 he has been the official photographer of the Argentine Tennis Open, responsible for photographing, editing, and distributing to local and international media the sports and promotional actions that take place during the tournament. Among others, he has been a photographer and photo editor for the newspaper La Nación, the magazine El Gráfico, La Voz de Baleares and Diario 16 in Palma de Mallorca. Since 2010 he has been a freelance photographer for EyCOR, Ediciones Corporativas and since 2014 for ENDEMOL UK LIMITED, a company based in London.

Since 2003 he has been a correspondent for the International Tennis Federation (ITF) in Argentina and South America. As a photojournalist for these entities, he is in charge of the sports and promotional material for the different Davis Cup and Fed Cup series that is held in his native country, as well as the images for the publication of books edited by the entity.

Sergio LLELLERA has been photography manager of the ATP in Buenos Aires for the last quarter of a century and has won international awards for his photographic illustrations of business communication books for oil and construction companies.

Photograph of Sergio LLELLERA of the Salinas Grandes in Jujuy, which is the cover of the book From Sun to Sun-The Flame of the Life of the Argentines in 1,600 km, a photographic book published in 2008 by the Platt publishing house and which is also part of his show Alma Argentina in New York.


Sergio Aguero has covered the Olympic Games, the Rugby World Cup in Australia (2003), and multiple Davis Cup series, among other sporting events. He has worked for different multinational companies, diplomatic representations and communication, and press consultants, he has photographed stars and celebrities, but he also has a facet that reveals the human side of his native country, framed in the wonderful and diverse natural settings of that great nation. South American

The novelty in his career is that the renowned photographer has exhibited twenty of his photographs in New York, taken in Argentina throughout his career and in a different facet, which goes beyond the sports field, to show a part of the soul of the country, through scenes of the daily life of Argentines who live far from the hustle and bustle of polo, tennis or soccer championships and competitions, but immersed in natural landscapes of very diverse provinces and places, from Jujuy, Buenos Aires, Santa Fe, Catamarca, from Salta, Santa Cruz, and Tierra del Fuego.

Some of Sergio LLEllarra’s photographs published in the book De Sol a Sol have been selected to form part of the Alma Argentina exhibition presented in New York.

In this exhibition, LLELLERA has revealed not only the natural wealth of Argentina, but fundamentally it has shown the ethnic diversity that it possesses and that has not been sufficiently perceived at the international level. In this exhibition, Sergio LLELLERA has shared impressive images that he has captured for many years and in which he shows characters such as the Catamarca poncho weaver, a teacher from the Raquel town in La Pampa, the rheas with their nests, scenes in the cold city from Ushuaia, in the Antarctic part of Tierra del Fuego.

Sergio LLEllarra ‘s exhibition, entitled Alma Argentina, was curated by the architect and designer María Chevez to present it in the galleries of the Consulate General and Center for the Promotion of Argentina in New York, located at 12 West 56th Street in Manhattan. The exhibition can be visited Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 3 PM and proof of vaccination is required.

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