The fashion question, “Do you wear your shoes sockless?”

Be wary of the little sock that appears to be invisible. Good Objects

During his vacation at Cap Ferret, Clément, who is 33 years old, grew used to having his ankles exposed. In addition, she is hesitant to pull out her Scottish thread knee-highs to put on her moccasins for the first day of school.

Oh, how fortunate we are to be able to spend this off-season with our ankles exposed, feeling a little bit of a nip in the air when the first frosts of autumn that are right around the corner arrive. It would almost make one want to take off their socks and just go out into the world barefoot in their shoes, wouldn’t it, darling Clement? You need not worry because you are not the only one. On warm days, many men, including yourself, rediscover the pleasures of going barefoot in their espadrilles, their “boats,” or even their moccasins and other types of urban footwear. And are disappointed that they will have to rethread their knee-high socks made of Scottish yarn when the new school year begins.

But there is also the possibility of another method. You are not prevented from putting on your shoes without socks by any law, international convention, or, let’s a wager, the internal requirements of your employer (unlike the wearing of tap socks, which has been banned at Elsa-Triolet high school in Saint-Denis since last week). After the first few days of September, those who are returning will be…

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