The legendary down jacket, a Moncler

Moncler celebrated to mark its 70th anniversary by gathering 1,952 models on the Piazza del Duomo in Milan. All of the models were attired in the same white Maya down jacket. Darian DiCianno/ DiCianno/

REPORTAGE – On the occasion of the brand’s 70th anniversary, which took place this past Saturday, 1,952 different models were shown in the Duomo in Milan. The company was founded in Isère, France, but has since moved its headquarters to Italy. A performance modeled after the brand’s iconic quilted jacket, which has made its way from the ski slopes to the avenues of luxury all over the world.

Special envoy to Milan

Remo Ruffini does not enjoy the festivities surrounding his birthday. But the situation with Moncler, the company that he purchased in 2003, is a different story… And the Italian businessman couldn’t let his 70th birthday go by without celebrating in some way. This Saturday, 1,952 models took their places in the Piazza del Duomo in Milan, for a spectacular event in the pure spirit of Moncler fashion shows, which launched 70 days of celebration around the world. In honor of the occasion, we pulled out all the stops. To summarise what Ruffini has to say about the topic, “We Want to Trace What the Brand Has Achieved During These Seven Decades.” The most important thing, though, is to think about what lies in store for us now and in the future. We have a deep appreciation for our French heritage, which is reflected in the colors of our company logo (blue, white, and red), but we recognize that we have evolved into a truly global enterprise since moving our headquarters to Italy and establishing representation in both Asia and the United States.

Moncler, which is neither entirely Italian nor entirely French, takes pride in its hybrid identity…

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