The moccasin is making a comeback as a popular shoe choice for men.

The British label Horatio suggests a more relaxed style of wear for its Beaufoy loafer, which retails for €251 on Take the case of jeans as an illustration. Horatio

INVESTIGATION – These laceless shoes, which first appeared in the market about a century ago, have recently made a comeback in the fashion world.

Damien has not worn his typical sneakers to work in recent months because he prefers to wear other types of footwear. This Parisian grins and says, “For my 30th birthday, my friends got together and bought me a pair of Weston moccasins, which is something I had been fantasizing about for a very long time.” I had anticipated that I would reserve their use for particularly momentous events. However, they can be worn with anything, they are durable, and most importantly, after they are “done,” they are just as comfy as wearing sneakers! And lastly, I try to wear them once every other day at the very least. Just like Damien, an increasing number of other men are rediscovering this excellent classic piece that should be in every man’s closet. To the point where, on the websites of specialized retailers, the category is currently the one with the highest sales… Even more so than sneakers, which were supposed to be the big winner of the post-Covid easing of garment regulations.


Whenever the market is dominated by a single product, consumers turn to something new. Moccasins have become this novelty

Chris Kyvetos from Mytheresa

How can one explain the fact that these leather shoes, which do not have laces and which were made popular in the 1930s by GH Bass and were inspired by the shoes worn by Norwegian fishermen?

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