The sock-slipper exudes a higher level of elegance.

DECRYPTION – Even if students at a college in Saint-Denis (93) are not allowed to wear the well-known tap socks due to a new policy, let’s have a look at where this fashion trend first emerged.

David Beckham, a former footballer who is sometimes referred to as a style hero, attended the Dior men’s presentation in sandals and socks in June of last year. The people’s press enjoyed themselves at the moment. This week, on the other hand, the students of the Elsa-Triolet college in Saint-Denis are laughing yellow, and they must secretly be jealous of the former Manchester United and Paris Saint-Germain player: our colleagues from the Parisian report that it is now prohibited by the internal rules of the establishment to wear tap-socks there. This was reported by our colleagues from Parisian. Why did you make this questionable choice, according to the Fashion Police? For concerns of security, particularly in the chemistry class.

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This style was once only worn by German visitors, who would wear athletic socks with their Birkenstocks even if it meant drawing mockery. However, in recent years, it has gained popularity among younger generations who are tired of seeing rap videos and photos of athletes. To such an extent that, in June 2017, the “Claquettes Chaussettes Challenge” was conceived on Twitter as an invitation to all kids in middle school…

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