The US Asks Its Travelers Abroad To Make Contingency Plans For Covid

The United States on Thursday asked its citizens who travel abroad to have “contingency plans”, since they may face “unexpected challenges” on their return or when traveling to other foreign destinations due to the covid-19 pandemic.

“Citizens who choose to travel internationally must make contingency plans, since they may have to stay in a foreign country longer than originally planned, which will be at their own expense,” the State Department said in a statement.

In addition, he noted that American travelers should be aware that they may face “unexpected challenges” when trying to return to the country or travel from one place to another abroad.

In this context, it recommended that its citizens purchase insurance with travel cancellation and medical care coverage related to COVID, indicating that, in general, the federal Medicare and Medicaid programs do not cover medical costs abroad.

The note noted that some countries have imposed travel requirements that include quarantine on arrival or for those who have tested positive, a covid test, proof of vaccination, as well as travel restrictions and closed borders.

And he recalled that the governments of other countries can implement these restrictions “on short notice.”

The State Department also reminded that all travelers bound for the US, including its citizens and permanent residents, aged two years or more must present the negative result of the viral test taken one day before departure or the recovery of the documents, in case of contracting the disease.

The requirement, the note clarified, is independent of the traveler’s nationality or vaccination status.

The United States is experiencing an increase in the number of covid-19 cases in recent weeks due to the advance of the omicron variant, although health authorities have indicated that it is less severe than the delta.

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