Universal Park stops requiring masks for those fully vaccinated

The Universal park in Orlando, Florida, stops requiring masks from all visitors and employees who have the complete vaccination schedule against covid-19 starting this Saturday.

The measure came into force after the firm reported this new update to its health policy on Friday to mitigate the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, after imposing the use of face masks in its facilities almost two months ago, when the figure of cases skyrocketed as a result of the omicron variant.

Universal will continue to require face coverings for employees who are not vaccinated and recommend the same for unvaccinated visitors.

The theme park noted that the new guidelines come in light of the declining trend in the number of infected and hospitalized in Florida.

On Friday, the Florida Department of Health reported 103,022 new cases registered between February 4 and 10, well below the figures registered in the months of December and January.

The reduction in both infections and hospitalizations in this state, 5,856 admitted, according to the latest figure from the government Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), has led other institutions and agencies to lift the mask requirements.

The Miami-Dade school district, the largest by a number of students in the state, announced this Saturday that starting Monday it will no longer require adults and contractors to wear masks inside schools and facilities.

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