Velvet merchandise sells well at Mr.

These brand-new corduroy pants have all the traits necessary to handle winter in a kind manner: warmth, flexibility, and resistance.

For Steven Vrendenbarg and David Sipkens, it’s a 180-degree turn. In 2016, the people who would later start Mr. Marvis set themselves the goal of designing the shorts that, in their opinions, would be the pinnacle of perfection. It is now finished, and the Dutch fashion brand has established a commanding presence in this rapidly expanding industry in this age of climate change.

The two businesspeople who specialize in leg dressing face a new obstacle in the form of an upcoming seasonal shift, which presents an opportunity to broaden their product offering. The brand does, however, currently provide a selection of adaptable chinos and cozy sweatpants, some of which feature variations in high-quality flannel. Popular models during imprisonment. However, to avoid getting too cold while playing outside, they chose to do it on velvet. This winter, this fabric is making a strong comeback in all of its incarnations, including ribbed, curved, chiseled, stamped, or plush. This is excellent news.

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98 percent organic cotton and 2 percent Lycra

To address the topic in his unique manner, while preserving his up-to-date sensibilities and continuing his search for comfort, Mr. Marvis…

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