what ladies want according to Giorgio Armani at Milan Fashion Week

The color gold is featured prominently in a typical Armani wardrobe.

In the new collection by the Milanese maestro, becoming dresses and stylish suits that are not overly dressy but allow the wearer to shine in the evening are given prominent placement (without looking like it).

Special envoy to Milan

A personal shopper (also known as a personal stylist) recently shared with us that, for one of her clients, a wealthy woman in her fifties looking for a chic and sober cocktail dress that would flatter her figure, she had surveyed all of the boutiques of the French luxury houses located on Avenue Montaigne. The attempt was fruitless. Her search for contentment was ultimately successful when she visited the Giorgio Armani store located at number 18 on the renowned avenue. She will be able to go back there in the spring of next year to view the new collection that the Milanese maestro has created.

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This coming Sunday’s parade, held in its palazzo on Via Borgonuovo, provides pride of place to becoming dresses and stylish suits (without being too formal) so that participants can shine in the evening (without looking like it). The color gold is therefore brought to the forefront by this traditionally Armani outfit. He shines a light on his color palette, illuminating the greige that he enjoys as well as the mineral greens and blues that he masters better than anybody else. As a result, he creates outfits with a bust and waistline that are emphasized, gorgeous harem pants, and ties a silk scarf over loose trousers. Each ensemble was finished off with a pair of flat sandals and a miniature minaudière that was just as adorable as a jewelry box. We are also betting that our customers will enjoy these boleros with embroidery of lights and sequins shaped like flowers to wear with sarong skirts. These boleros are to be worn with skirts.

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