Within Maja Hoffmann’s workplace

When it comes to her artistic decisions, Maja Hoffmann is highly endowed but not too materialistic. She is both instinctive and resolute. She is both adventurous and pragmatic. Louis Canadas for Le Figaro

IN IMMERSION (5/6) – The Swiss patron of the Luma Foundation in Arles has established her office on the fifth story of the twisted tower that was designed by Frank Gehry. both the design and the attitude of the organization

Immerse yourself in the colorful workspaces of six designers, perfumers, and creatives, where each object reveals a different aspect of their character.

Maja Hoffmann exudes an air that is at once imposing and fearless and has the appearance of bronze. And this luminous smile brought back the memory of the young woman who came from a large family and who grew up freely in the Camargue thanks to the enthusiasm for nature of her father, Luc, who was the grandson of the founder of the pharmaceutical business Hoffmann-La Roche. Arles is the city of her youth, her hometown, from which this Zurich native born in 1956 has preserved a zest of musical accent and a liking for parties in the sun, like the ferrade she organizes every summer during the initial week of the Rencontres d ‘Arles. Following his release from incarceration on June 26, 2021, he established the Luma Foundation. The twisted tower that was designed by architect Frank Gehry sparkles thanks to its height of 56 meters, its eight stories, its 10,752 facets of stainless steel that are stacked like cubes, and its 53 prominent windows that are embedded above the void…

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