47 Americans And Afghans Evacuated In Secret Operation From Kabul To The United States.

A group of 47 people was secretly evacuated from Afghanistan in the last hours to be sent to US territory, where they will arrive in three flights from Kabul.

The rescue operation for these people – some of them US citizens and the others with residence documents in this country – has been carried out by a group called Project Dynamo, created in Tampa mainly by war veterans, according to the report today. TampaBay News portal.

The evacuees, including an 11-month-old baby, were first taken to a shelter in the vicinity of Kabul, where they were vaccinated against covid-19 until it was time to board three flights to New York in the last hours, presumably with scale.

It is unknown what type of aircraft they have used and if they have received any type of US military support in the operation, to use military bases, for example, but the article ensures that the State Department is aware of the operation and has facilitated all the necessary documentation.

Project Dynamo, which presents itself on its website as a coalition of Army veterans to provide escape routes to the many Afghans who collaborated with US troops, claims to have already evacuated more than 2,000 people since the United States left Afghanistan at the end of last August.

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