Dozens of activists march in Mexico City against speciesism

Dozens of activists marched this Saturday through the streets of Mexico City against speciesism or discrimination against animals because they are considered inferior beings.

For the fifth year, activists for animal rights gathered near the emblematic monument of the Angel of Independence, in the central Reforma avenue, to make visible the actions of human beings against other species.

“We oppose the idea that other animals are property, that their purpose is to spend their entire lives serving, stripped of their bodies, in order to transform them into food, clothing, footwear, or entertainment,” protesters said in a statement. public.

Speciesism, activists explain, refers to discrimination against animals because they are considered inferior species.

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Dressed in black T-shirts and signs that read “No to speciesism, yes to veganism,” the protesters moved from the Angel of Independence column to the Palacio de Bellas Artes, in the center of the Mexican capital.

The activists said they were against the use of animals as “slaves” and pointed out that it is necessary to break the species barrier and “recognize them as individuals with their own desires and interests and as subjects of moral consideration.”

The protesters claimed that this movement against speciesism has shown considerable growth in the country.

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