Johnson meets Zelensky in kyiv on an unannounced visit

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has met with Ukrainian President Volodomír Zelensky on a previously unannounced visit to Kiev, according to an image posted today on Twitter by the Ukrainian Embassy in the UK.

The diplomatic mission released a photograph of both leaders sitting face to face in an office, next to the flags of both countries, and added the word “Surprise” to their message.

Downing Street, Johnson’s official office, confirmed the meeting in the Ukrainian capital shortly after, one day after the United Kingdom announced the shipment of new military equipment worth 100 million pounds (120 million euros).

A spokesman for the prime minister said the trip represents a “show of solidarity with the Ukrainians” and that the two leaders have met to discuss “long-term (British) support for Ukraine.”

Among other issues, Johnson will explain to Zelenski the “new financial and military aid package” offered by the United Kingdom so that his country continues to face Russian attacks.

The British head of government had been in Kiev for the last time on February 2, weeks before the Russian invasion began, when he offered a joint press conference with Zelensky.

This week, a delegation from the Ukrainian Executive and senior members of its army attended weapons demonstrations at a training camp in south-west England, where the British armed forces showed them armored vehicles, anti-aircraft defenses, and other equipment in operation.

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