Kristóf Milák wins gold in the 200m butterfly and breaks Michael Phelps’ Olympic record

Kristóf Milák swept the 200-meter butterfly final at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games with a time of 1:51:25 that not only earned him gold but also broke a new Olympic record. Behind the 21-year-old Hungarian swimmer, there was not enough competition, because with a great stroke he beat the Japanese T. Honda by more than two seconds who stopped the clock at minute 1:53:73, which is why Japan added a silver more in a narrow record at the top among the Japanese who are in second place, together with the United States that barely scratches the third position, plus the Chinese delegation that so far is in the first place due to the difference in silver and bronze.

Thus, the 200 butterflies closed the podium with a bronze for F. Burdisso, an Italian who could do little with a distant time of 1:54:45, while the great surprise is that the South African, Chad le Clos, an Olympic multi-medalist, could not catch his breath after the first 50 meters when he fell behind, a bump that left him relegated to fifth place in a time of 1:54:93.

With the great performance of Kristóf Milák, the Hungarian already adds his first gold medal in an Olympic joust that will be in his showcase along with his gold in the 2019 World Swimming Championships when he broke Michael Phelps’ world record of 1:51:51 that lasted a full decade in the water sports records, so it is not uncommon for the promising youngster to be on the front pages of these 2020 Tokyo Olympics and possibly one of the great candidates for the next Olympics if he continues with this level.

This is how the men’s 200-meter butterfly final of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games was:

  1. K. Milak | 1:51:25 (Gold)
  2. T. Honda | 1:53:73 (Silver)
  3. F. Burdisso | 1:54:45 (Bronze)
  4. T. Kenderesi | 1:54:52
  5. C. le Clos | 1:54:93
  6. L. de Deus | 1:55:19
  7. G. Bentz | 1:55:46
  8. K. Chmielewski | 1:55:88

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