Rains cause dam overflow in central Mexican state of Querétaro

The overflow of a dam in Tequisquiapan, in the central state of Querétaro, caused flooding and the eviction of hundreds of families in the area, state authorities reported this Sunday.

In a statement, municipal civil protection authorities reported that the heavy rains that occurred on Saturday evening and early Sunday morning caused the Centenario Dam to overflow.

As a result, three hotels with tourists as well as hundreds of homes were affected and had to be evacuated to avoid loss of life.

The authorities reported that they have worked especially in the tourist area of ​​the municipality to transfer almost a hundred people to shelters and safer places.

He also reported that the Secretariat of National Defense (Sedena) activated the plan to help the population, known as the DNIII-E plan, in addition to the fact that there have been some power cuts in some areas of the town.

Finally, they called on the population to be aware of the information and indications of the authorities.

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