Tenjo started the XXIII Meeting of Poetry and the Word

The event will have the participation of 100 writers from different regions of the country as well as a tribute to the Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges

From August 24 to 28, Colombia will be able to enjoy one of the most important events for Cundinamarquesa poetry: it is a meeting that seeks to rescue the verses and the great talent of those who write, recite and declaim this literary art.

The XXIII Encounter of Poetry and the Word takes place in Tenjo, Cundinamarca, organized by the Mayor’s Office and the Institute of Culture and Tourism of the municipality, entities that opened a call in which 100 writers participated ; From these, the best 30 poems were selected that will be exhibited in different cultural spaces of the municipality.

Francisco Javier Gaitán , director of the Institute of Culture and Tourism of Tenjo , stated that the cultural event will seek to rescue spaces for culture and literature in the municipality:

We will bring poetry to every corner of our municipality, through the peripheral we will rescue these important spaces for Colombian literature. We want to invite all of you so that together we understand the transformative power of a word and even more of a poetry.

As an alternate program, attendees will be able to enjoy a great variety of folkloric samples such as music, storytelling, folk dance, which provide another air to the literary event.

Two of its great novelties are a book exchange that not only goes back to the practices of our ancestors , but will also encourage literature and reading in the youngest participants.

The event will also feature a tribute to the renowned Argentine poet Jorge Luis Borges , considered a key figure in universal literature. This year they will seek to relive their memories and the impact of their works through poetry.

Nohra Matallana Forero Cultural Center where the largest number of literary activities will take placeNohra Matallana Forero Cultural Center where the largest number of literary activities will take place

“We could say that poetry was somewhat forgotten, but with the issue of the pandemic where communication was a challenge, the reading of poetry became a space to overcome the barriers of the mask . Cundinamarca is working to recognize the importance of the word and it is important that the entire country knows the talent in our department ”, added Mónica Mejía , literature teacher and leader of the event.

On this occasion, there will be multiple workshops that revolve around the importance of the word and its many facets: Sing the Words , a central activity aimed at children and young people; Popular songs from my land , which travels through the memory of Colombian poetry and some of the typical sayings and sayings; The word on the Radio , a discussion aimed at understanding the role of the word through this medium and the oral storytelling show Histories from Everywhere.

Auditorium of the Nhora Matallana cultural center in Tenjo, where activities to promote reading and writing will be carried outAuditorium of the Nhora Matallana cultural center in Tenjo, where activities to promote reading and writing will be carried out

The municipality is positioned as one of the cultural poles of Cundinamarca. Two weeks ago, he inaugurated an exhibition that rescued the visual avant-garde of the Central Region: ‘Those of the beginning’ , an exhibition that collected the work of emerging artists from the nineties.

Contemporary art from Cundinamarca will be presented in TenjoContemporary art from Cundinamarca will be presented in Tenjo

The exhibition, which is still hanging in the House of Culture of Tenjo, came to life thanks to the group of artistic creators  Bachué , who marks the cultural history not only of the municipality but of the entire department of Cundinamarca.

These 20 exhibitors, through this artistic movement,  have carried out for more than 30 years various fundamental local events so that art is gradually recognized as an alternative for life and education .

Attached to the current of contemporary art, many of them gained relevance in their work as cultural managers in the Centro-Cundinamarca region  , during the time presented in the artistic exhibition.

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