Trudeau calls emergency meetings amid wave of protests in Canada

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will hold an emergency summit on Monday with the heads of government from all the country’s provinces amid the wave of protests by anti-vaccine groups, after the restart of traffic on the Ambassador International Bridge.

Trudeau is scheduled to discuss with the provincial prime ministers the crisis caused by the protests against the restrictions imposed to curb the covid-19 pandemic and possible measures to solve the situation. Later, he will meet with all the deputies of the ruling Liberal Party.

On Sunday night, Trudeau held another meeting of the Incident Response Group (IRG), an emergency cabinet made up of a select number of ministers and senior officials that is only convened when crises occur that affect national security.

According to a statement posted on Twitter, the prime minister said the group discussed “actions the government can take to help end blockades and occupations.”

The GRI meeting came after Emergency Preparedness Minister Bill Blair warned on Sunday that the government is considering invoking the country’s emergency laws, which could mean the use of the armed forces.

Meanwhile, the situation on the Ambassador International Bridge, which connects the cities of Windsor (Canada) and Detroit (USA), returned to normal on Monday after the Canadian Police cleared the blockade that kept the crossing closed on Sunday. a week.

Trucks and private vehicles began circulating on the bridge, the main border crossing between Canada and the United States, starting at midnight.

The bridge, through which goods worth about 400 million dollars circulate daily, had been blocked by truckers as opposed to measures against the pandemic.

The Windsor Police reported that they arrested two dozen people and removed several vehicles in the operation that allowed the reopening of the bridge.

But two other border crossings, Coutts, in the west of the country, and Emerson, in the center, were still closed to traffic today due to the actions of truckers and farmers mobilized by the anti-vaccine movement and radical groups.

In addition, the occupation of the center of the Canadian capital, Ottawa, by some 400 trucks and hundreds of people entered its third week without any sign of resolution.

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