Ukraine reports dozens killed in several cities by Russian attacks

Russian bombings have left dozens dead this Saturday in several Ukrainian cities, according to information from local authorities.

The mayor of Mikolaev, Alexander Senkevich, reported a bombardment launched from the Kherson region and that it would have caused “dozens” of fatalities.

According to the mayor, there was no time to activate the anti-aircraft alarm.

Some of the dead are military, some media speak of 40, but around Kyiv at least 7 civilians have died and 5 have been hospitalized after the Russians, according to the Kyiv regional police, bombed residential areas.

Attacks on residential areas have also been reported in the Donezk region, according to regional police.

Also, Mariupol, Avdiivka, Kramatorsk, Pokrovsk, Novoselydivka, Verkhnotoretske, Krymka, and Stepne were attacked by the Russian occupation forces.

The Russian military bombarded towns and villages with planes, rockets, and heavy artillery, including the use of banned cluster weapons, according to Ukrainian authorities.

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