A new dose of unapologetic Madonna art arrives in documentary form

The iconic Madonna chose New York’s bustling and chaotic Times Square on Thursday to present her latest dose of art, a long-awaited documentary that revolves around the lauded concerts she gave in Lisbon in early 2020 during her latest album tour , “Madame X” , and in which images of intimate experiences are also sneaked.

The “queen of pop” , dedicated to the world of music for more than four decades, stepped on the red carpet of the luxurious Edition hotel in New York, the city where her dizzying career was born, accompanied by her son, David Banda, and dressed , of course, with some dizzying heels and black fishnet stockings.

A deep neckline black corset, white sunglasses and a sparkling crown completed an original look with which Madonna once again made it clear that her young spirit remains intact.

His arrival at the meeting place was celebrated with shouts and applause from the hundreds of followers who waited at the doors of the hotel, under heavy rain, to be able to see their idol for just ten seconds.

Unconditional fans who will be able to see from October 8 and on the Paramount + digital platform the documentary, which captures the intensely creative concerts of “Madame X” that the singer offered, specifically those at the Coliseum in the Portuguese capital, a space for events away from the big stadiums and with a maximum capacity of 4,000 people.

His objective with this tour, in the purest Madonna style, was to stir consciences, try to prevent people from retreating into their comfort zone and even make people uncomfortable.

“My mantra for the show is the phrase of the great James Baldwin, which is that artists are here to disturb the peace,” explained Madonna on the red carpet.

“I believe in that body and soul and I have believed it my entire career, so for me that is the most important message of the documentary,” he added.

Until now, only a privileged few have been able to see the show “Madame X” , in which Madonna fused past and present, with bombings from the 80s such as “La Isla Bonita” or “Papa Don’t Preach”, examples of her foray into electronic music such as “Frozen” , or pieces from his latest album, such as “God Control” or “Batuka” .

And it is that all the venues chosen by Madonna’s team for that tour had a very small capacity, to which was added the fact that in several of the shows the use of mobile phones was expressly prohibited, with the intention of create a greater connection between the artist and the audience.

To the delight of the followers of the person in charge of “Like a Prayer” , the documentary shows the 63-year-old veteran in some of her most personal moments, such as when she had to face hip and knee injuries that forced the cancellation of several of their concerts in the US, the UK and Portugal.

His son, David Banda, described the tape in an interview as “real, tough . ” “Probably the most honest thing you’ve ever seen in your life,” he pointed out.

It is no coincidence that Madonna chose for this documentary to reflect her concerts in Lisbon, since it was this city that inspired the album “Madame X” , her fourteenth studio album, which was released in June 2019, after having settled in the Portuguese city in 2017.

Winner of seven Grammy Awards and turned into a music legend, Madonna had already presented, by surprise, an appetizer of the long-awaited documentary at the MTV Video Music Awards, which took place less than two weeks ago in Brooklyn.

The shows on the “Madame X” tour brought together 48 performances by Madonna and different artists, including the daughter of singer Lourdes León, as well as musicians and dancers from around the world and the Batukadeiras Orchestra, made up entirely of women.

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