Descemer and Emilio Estefan: “Homeland and life” symbolizes the union for freedom

The musicians Descemer Bueno and Emilio Estefan assured this Tuesday that the song “Homeland and Life”, converted into a hymn of the struggle for freedom in Cuba, represents the unity of the Cuban people in favor of a dream, that of recovering freedom in the island.

“A year ago a song was born through union, a union that captivated with a message, a slogan, a vision of the future, all in one song. Through the inspiration of the verse that each one contributed and seduced everyone those who are in a hurry to see a different Cuba”, said Descemer Bueno, one of the six performers and composers of the song.

The famous musician and producer based in Miami for decades agreed with him, who indicated that in the “heart” of exile and dissidence “there is only one country” and everyone wants freedom in Cuba, as the authors of the song.

On February 16, 2021, the video with the song was published on YouTube as one of the musical releases of the day, but it ended up becoming the anthem of the historic protests that broke out in Cuba on July 11, 2021.

December assured that this theme, worthy of two Latin Grammys, including Song of the Year, “was born to remain in history as the tattoo on the body of freedom.”

But not without risks, because, as Estefan himself pointed out, the “courage” shown by the singers of the song (Yotuel Romero, the Gente de Zona duo, Descemer Bueno, El Funky and Maykel Osorbo) was great, because, he assured, a It is one thing to protest from exile and quite another to do so from the island itself.

A good example of this is that the rapper Osorbo is still imprisoned in Pinar del Río (Cuba) for “attack, public disorder, and evasion.”

But even so, Estefan pointed out, they broke the “chain” and sent a message of “hope” that the young people of the island embraced and encouraged them to take to the streets to protest.

Thus, he celebrated that in this case, the authors realized that “it is not about oneself, but about leaving a legacy of freedom to the country”, and he was “very proud” of what they did.

“This is a historic moment, of a rebellion of people who were born on the island and that a time has come when they cannot resist what is happening,” said the husband of Gloria Estefan, a singer of songs about the island such as “Mi Tierra”, “Oye mi Canto” or “Cuba Libre”.

Estefan said that in the future there will be other examples like those experienced on the island in the last year, but not only with music, but also with signs of “rebelliousness” in the streets: “You will see that the music will continue, that people are going to have more courage”.

Because the music producer believes that the least expected day the protests of last summer on the island will be repeated “but in a more massive way”, and that day the Cuban people will set a “great example for the world of how a country recovers “.

Meanwhile, Descemer believes that “Patria y Vida” represents their fight for freedom throughout the world and allows them to “have expectations and hopes”.

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