Police justify the use of gases during the Karol G concert in Guayaquil

The Ecuadorian Police justified the use of pepper spray outside a coliseum in the port city of Guayaquil, where the Colombian reggaeton singer Karol G offered a concert on Friday night, interrupted for a few minutes by the incident.

The Police said this Saturday that the gas that contaminated the atmosphere inside the coliseum was surely used by private security personnel hired by the organizers of the show.

The institution of order, on its Twitter account, clarified that its action was aimed at protecting the safety of the attendees, “because there were excesses with people who tried to enter with forged tickets, surpassing the police fence.”

“Pepper spray was used outside the coliseum to dissuade people who caused excesses, but not inside it, as circulated on social networks,” added the Police.

He clarified that “the chemical agents used inside the coliseum would have been expanded by private security personnel hired by the organizers of the event” and recalled that the Police “has the responsibility to carry out specific functions entrusted to maintain public order.”

Social networks, however, have echoed the claim made by the artist for the apparent use of tear gas in the control of the concert that she offered last night at the “Voltaire Paladines Polo” coliseum, at full capacity.

“We are in a closed place, it is dangerous that they throw these gases here,” claimed the singer and songwriter, who even had to interrupt her presentation for about fifteen minutes and then return to conclude her concert.

Guayaquil was one of the stops of the “Bichota Tour Reloaded” that Carolina Giraldo or Karol G from Medellín is doing on a tour of America and that includes presentations in Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Peru, Mexico, Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama, and El Savior.

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