They name a street in honor of Normandía Maldonado in Upper Manhattan

In an emotional ceremony that radiated typical Dominican folklore and dance, elected officials, family members, and community members named a street in Upper Manhattan in honor of prominent folklorist Normandía Maldonado.

The initiative was created by councilor Ydanis Rodríguez, in order to keep alive the memory and legacy of a woman who worked with “compassion and optimism” in favor of the Dominican diaspora and other nationalities.

Between the intersection of 167st streets and Amsterdam Avenue in Upper Manhattan, Mrs. Normandy will have her own street, which she has surely traveled many times.

“Celebrating the lives of those who have contributed so much to our community is how we immortalize them. It is essential that we teach future generations about their history and culture so that they feel proud of who they are, ”said Councilor Ydanis Rodríguez, during his speech.

They name a street in Upper Manhattan in honor of Normandía Maldonado.

Normandía Maldonado, was born in 1929 in Santiago, Dominican Republic, from an early age she demonstrated her love for the arts and community work, being part of the “José Ovidio García” Choir directed by Margarita Espaillat in the Dominican Republic.

His legacy and community trajectory is unmistakable, he founded the Quisqueya Ballet Cultural Center in 1967. A year earlier, he co-founded the Juan Pablo Duarte Civic and Cultural Club, Inc., currently known as the Duartiano Institute of the United States, Inc., which stands as the second oldest in New York. In 1983, he became a founding member of the committee for the Dominican Parade and Festival, Inc., known today as the Dominican Day Parade, Inc.

Over the years, Ms. Maldonado received many awards and recognition for her hard work in the Washington Heights community from elected officials.

Normandía Maldonado, was born in 1929 in Santiago, Dominican Republic.

He passed away on February 7, 2018. He is survived by his children, sisters, brother, grandchildren, nieces and nephews, who were also present at the activity.

Without a doubt, Normandía Maldonado stands as one of the most accomplished activists and community leaders among the Dominican people in the United States and New York City, and it is that same trajectory that makes her worthy of this and many other accolades.

Congressman Espaillat during his speech recalled how his mother was “very close” to Mrs. Maldonado, whom “we will always remember,” he added.

His children and relatives keep in his memory how he worked hard to enhance the “Dominican culture”.

Sons of Normandy Maldonado.

Maldonado’s work had a lot of influence on each of the inhabitants of Upper Manhattan, especially his son, Eudhes S. Budhai, who continues to do the same work educating others as superintendent of a school, so that the less privileged can reach their goals. achievements, “which was what I most wanted.”

“Selfishness is not something that should be on my mind, but helping others and collaborating with others reaches much higher and helps open doors for others,” Eudhes S. Budhai reminds his mother.

As Budhai explained to Impacto Latino, Mrs. Normandía Maldonado never thought about “herself, but always about others”, and how to help them.

“The seed that she sowed, we see it now as after so many advice and teachings, many people keep alive in their memory that thanks to my mother they are now great professionals,” said Eudhes S. Budhai.

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