Kathy Hochul meets with Bill de Blasio and Jumaane Williams in New York City

Lt. Governor Kathy Hochul met with Mayor Bill de Blasio and Public Defender Jumaane Williams in Manhattan to discuss public concern issues facing both the state and New York City.

Following the resignation of Andrew Cuomo over allegations of sexual harassment of 11 women, Lieutenant Governor Hochul has had no rest to catch up with the various authorities in New York City.

As Hochul prepares to take office on August 24, his travels across the state have been relentless, his main stop being New York City, which was hit hardest by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The officials, without giving as many statements to the media, issued joint statements that were posted on their social media minutes after both separate meetings ended.

In his daily briefing, the mayor outlined the meeting and the topics to be discussed, saying he planned to discuss the state’s congestion fees and strategies to deal with the increase in infections from COVID-19 and the Delta variant.

De Blasio clarified before leaving City Hall that it would be a “government discussion”, in an attempt to regain political relations between the state and the city, after having distanced himself with his old friend Cuomo in Albany.

“We had a productive conversation today discussing issues that are important to New Yorkers, from fighting the Delta variant to getting our children safely back to school this fall and keeping our communities safe. We look forward to working together to continue New York City’s recovery and end the fight against COVID-19, ”  stated  Mayor Bill de Blasio and Lt. Governor Kathy Hochul.

Kathy Hochul meets Jumaane Williams in New York City.

The former US congresswoman from Buffalo in one of her press conferences has stated that she wants to work with a lieutenant governor from the New York City area, resonating several names that have high levels of popularity, including Public Defender, Jumaane Williams with who also met privately.

According to a PIX11 post, they said that Hochul has considered appointing Williams as his lieutenant governor. Two other names on Hochul’s short list include: State Senators Brian Benjamin of Harlem and Jamaal Bailey of the Bronx.

“We had an important dialogue tonight discussing issues that are of immediate vital importance to New Yorkers, including expanding and escalating COVID-19 vaccination efforts, reframing how we address public safety while reducing gun violence and expediting the distribution of relief funds for tenants and landlords alike. We also discussed the need to remove unnecessary barriers and fund excluded workers, mostly immigrants, who have been barred from federal aid. These should and will be the immediate priorities of this new administration. We look forward to working together to help New Yorkers recover from this pandemic and renew New York City, ”Hochul and Williams wrote in a joint statement.

Incoming Governor Kathy Hochul, in an interview with CNN, said she is committed to working with New York City to establish a more confrontational response to the pandemic.

“I want us to solve this together. They have smart people, I have smart people. How about we do it together and not in competition? ”Said the current lieutenant governor in her appearance on the State of the Union program.

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