Latino leaders applaud approval of infrastructure project

A coalition of Latino organizations today showed their satisfaction with the approval of the Biden Administration’s infrastructure law, ensuring that it will be of great benefit to Hispanics in the United States, as it will bring well-paying jobs in construction and will provide funds for the rehabilitation of their homes. , child tax credits and investments in the environment.

“Investing in our community is investing in our nation,” said the president of the Hispanic Federation, Frankie Miranda, an organization that called the press conference that featured the spokesperson for the Democratic majority in the Senate, Chuck Schumer, and Congresswoman Nydia Velázquez.

Miranda recalled that by 2050 Latinos will be 30% of the country’s population, during a conference in which the organizations recalled that they hope that the infrastructure project, still pending presidential ratification, offers fair treatment for the immigrant community.

Schumer stressed that the bipartisan project approved last Friday, and that according to President Joe Biden places the country on the path to “winning the economic recovery of the 21st century,” will also benefit Puerto Rico with funds, including to rehabilitate housing buildings. public, for health and the environmental area.

New York City will be the main recipient of these funds for the rehabilitation of public housing apartment buildings, a sector where for years the terrible conditions of mold, leaks, and security, among other problems, have been denounced. The Democratic senator recalled that a large number of Latinos live in these apartments.

Among the benefits of the project, he highlighted the creation of thousands of jobs, particularly in the construction of infrastructure, a sector that has a large number of Latinos, as well as the investment that will be made on the internet.

Also the credit of 300 dollars for each child from zero to six years old and 250 dollars up to 17 years for parents with limited economic resources, and who hope to reduce the poverty rate.

The project, which Biden hopes to sign soon, will also invest in preschool education with a universal pre-kindergarten program for 3- to 4-year-olds.

Only 40% of Latino children attend preschool.

In the area of ​​health, the investment of funds to expand the Medicaid program, aimed at poor people, stood out.

The social spending bill, which is part of this administrative package, and is the one that contains the controversial immigration reform proposal on which the Democrats themselves cannot agree, has yet to be approved in Congress.

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