The Biden Government does not make clear its position on Western Sahara

The administration of US President Joe Biden has still not clarified its position on Western Sahara and says it is consulting with the international actors involved to decide what is the “best way forward.” “We are consulting with the parties on the best way forward and we have nothing more to announce,” said a State Department spokesman when EFE asked if he could clarify Biden’s position on Western Sahara following the announcement by the president of the Moroccan Government, Saadedín Otmani . Specifically, this Sunday, Otmani said that part of the military exercises between Morocco and the United States, known as “African Lion 21” and one of the most important on the African continent, will be held “for the first time in Western Sahara” from June 7.

Asked by EFE, neither the State Department nor the Pentagon made any comment on these maneuvers and the significance they may have in Biden’s deliberation process. Until now, the Biden government has refused to clarify whether it will maintain the agreement of its predecessor, Donald Trump, with which Washington recognized Morocco’s sovereignty over Western Sahara in exchange for a normalization of relations with Israel.

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The official line of the Administration is that “no decision has been made” and a review of Washington’s policy towards that part of the world is being carried out, as has been done with North Korea and is being done with Cuba.

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