The White House will give another 100 million dollars in military aid to Ukraine

The White House announced Tuesday that it will give another $100 million in military aid to Ukraine, bringing US assistance to the European country to more than $1.7 billion since the Russian invasion began.

The US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, indicated in a note that he authorized today by order of President Joe Biden a new withdrawal of artifacts from the Department of Defense “to meet the urgent need for additional anti-weapon systems from Ukraine.”

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby specified that these are Javelin anti-weapon missiles, which the US has been supplying to Ukraine and with which he assured that the country has been defending itself “very effectively”.

Blinken, who recalled the “atrocities committed by Russian forces in Bucha”, stressed that Washington and its allies will continue to firmly support Ukraine in the “courageous” defense of its “sovereignty and territorial integrity”.

In that sense, he maintained that more than 30 countries, in addition to the US, have been sending military aid to Ukraine since the beginning of the invasion ordered by Russian President Vladimir Putin on February 24.

“Together, we are sending security assistance every day and we are accelerating the shipment of even more weapons and defense equipment that Ukraine uses to defend itself,” he added.

In addition to “strengthening Ukraine’s position on the battlefield and at the negotiation table,” its allies are gathering data to “document reported abuses” and bring them before the appropriate bodies for accountability, he said.

Since Joe Biden’s term began in January 2021, the United States has allocated more than $2.4 billion in the military and humanitarian aid to Ukraine, according to the State Department.

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