Two dead, one of them a police officer, in a shooting in upstate New York

A policeman has died and another is seriously injured after a shooting in the New York neighborhood of Harlem, north of the island of Manhattan, in a shooting, and the assailant of both has also died, according to various media this afternoon.

The New York Post newspaper assures that the police officers had responded to the call for help from a woman who was in the middle of a fight with her son, and upon arriving at the scene, they were shot at by the son, then unleashing a gunfight.

The mayor, Eric Adams, reported to Harlem Hospital first and then planned to go to the scene of the incident (135th Street in Manhattan), which has been cordoned off by police.

All the media highlight that it is the third armed incident with victims among the police in just one week after two other officers were wounded by gunshots on Tuesday and Thursday in two separate incidents, in Staten Island, and in Brooklyn.

Added to these incidents are two other crimes that occurred the previous week, the first in a Burger King store, where one of the workers was killed by a robber, and the second in the New York subway, when a homeless man pushed onto the tracks, for no apparent reason, a 40-year-old woman who was on the platform at the time the train entered the station.

The mayor, who took office on January 1 and was himself a police commissioner in the past, came to office after an electoral campaign in which insecurity was one of the arguments he repeated the most, promising to return to the city a climate of calm, starting with a greater police presence.

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