United States: defections continue around Trump after violence on Capitol Hill

After pro-Trump protesters violently burst into the Capitol on Wednesday, January 6, 2021, the outgoing president is increasingly isolated. His last allies within the Republican camp are gradually distancing themselves less than two weeks from the end of his mandate.

The Minister of Education, Betsy Devos, was the second member of Donald Trump’s cabinet, announced her resignation on Thursday, January 7. She made it clear that Donald Trump’s involvement in the situation on Capitol Hill on Wednesday was a tipping point for her. A few hours earlier, it was the Minister of Transport, Elaine Chao, who took the door.

”  These are rats leaving the ship  “

In total, they are ultimately 9 members of the Trump administration to have taken the plunge , but it is a bit late in the eyes of many. On the part of the Democrats these resignations do not mean anything. ”  These are rats leaving the sinking ship,  ” denounces Jackie Speier, elected to the House of Representatives. Many Democrats are also calling for the immediate departure of the president without waiting for the inauguration of January 20.

Ensure the transition

According to US media, several White House officials are still considering leaving their posts. But some parliamentarians are encouraging these members of the administration to stay. The urgency in their eyes is above all to ensure a stable transition instead of leaving Donald Trump alone in charge.

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