Von der Leyen: “Putin has become the worst enemy of the Russian people”

The president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, assured today that Vladimir Putin has become “the worst enemy of the Russian people”, whom he is suffocating economically, and pointed to him as being responsible for future famines that may cause shortages of cereal for war

“Putin has also become the worst enemy of the Russian people,” Von der Leyen told the European Parliament, adding that community sanctions against Moscow, ranging from the freezing of assets and reserves or the expulsion of the vast majority of the Russian banks of the SWFIT transfer system, are drowning the Russian economy.

Interest rates have risen 20% and the risk rating agencies have placed the Russian bond in the junk category, added the President of the Executive, who pointed out that the European Union has taken measures that pursue the “strategic failure of Putin “.

Von der Leyen also referred to food and energy security, both at risk due to the impact of the Russian invasion on Ukraine, a country whose farmers are unable to sow the next harvest of the so-called “breadbasket of Europe”.

“In addition, Putin is blocking hundreds of ships loaded with wheat in the Black Sea. The consequences will be felt from Lebanon, Egypt, and Tunisia to the center of Africa or the Far East. I call on Putin to let those ships sail. Otherwise Anyway, it will not only be responsible for war deaths, but also for famines. Let those ships out!” he exclaimed.

Von der Leyen indicated that the EU has agreed to allocate 2.5 billion until 2024 to help regions around the planet combat food insecurity.

Regarding hydrocarbons, Von der Leyen pointed out that “energy policy is also a security policy” and defended the Commission’s plan to reduce the community’s dependence on Russian gas by two-thirds within a year.

“It’s very ambitious but we can achieve it,” said Von der Leyen, who will deal tomorrow in Brussels with the president of the United States, Joe Biden, to find ways to increase US exports of liquefied natural gas to the EU.

The German conservative praised the resistance of the Ukrainian people against the invasion and pointed out that “if freedom has a name, that name is Ukraine and the Ukrainian flag is today the flag of freedom”.

He also referred to the unity of the EU regarding the Russian aggression and asked to continue on this path.

“If there is one thing that Putin has not anticipated, it has been our unity, the speed of our actions, and our determination. Make no mistake about it, we will keep the pulse. Long live unity and long live Europe!” concluded the president of the Commission.

Before the German took the floor, the president of the European Council, Charles Michel, stressed that the responsibility for the war falls entirely on Russia, as well as that all those responsible for the conflict “will face international justice without impunity”.

“We have had a month of the war, a month of death, destruction, and suffering. A month of Russian terror against the people of Ukraine and a month since the democratic world stood up in force to condemn Russia against this barbaric and immoral war. said the former Belgian prime minister.

Michel stressed that the EU is not alone in its condemnation of Moscow since it has the support of international allies, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, or Canada, with which it shares the “goal” of “defeating” Putin.

“The people of Ukraine are fighting bravely defending their democracy, defending their European values. The EU, together with our allies, are acting firmly against the Kremlin”, the president of the European Council emphasized before recalling that the bloc has adopted the sanctions harshest in its history and is ready to pass more with the aim of “stopping Putin’s war machine”.

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