Amorim: “Tottenham is the group’s clear favourite”

Ruben Amorim, the head coach of Sporting Portugal, believes that Tottenham is the side to beat in Group D. Sporting Portugal is scheduled to play against Tottenham on the second day of the Champions League in Lisbon at 6:45 p.m. local time on Tuesday. “There is no question that Tottenham is the team to beat in this group. Ruben Amorim made those remarks during the press conference that took place before the match. “It’s a team that boasts one of the best attacks in the world, with a winning coach in Italy and England, and world-class players,” Amorim added. “They are powerful in transitions, have a lot of quality on set pieces, and we will have to be attentive because they will penalize us for even the slightest error,” he continued. “We will have to be careful because they will punish us for even the slightest error.”

On the other hand, the Lions of Sporting want to capitalize on their first victory, which they achieved on the grass of Frankfurt by a score of 3-0. Tottenham, meanwhile, prevailed in their first match against Olympique de Marseille (2-0). “Of course, winning the game before this one bolsters our confidence. To try to win the match against Tottenham and the abilities it possesses, we must keep our identity intact. We enjoy having possession of the ball, so that’s what we’ll work to achieve. According to Amorim, “in any event, the burden of responsibility will fall on the shoulders of Tottenham, who will start as favorites.” This past weekend’s scheduled Premier League match between Spurs and Manchester City did not take place as planned because of the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. The Portuguese coach, on the other hand, does not believe that Antonio Conte’s team has any advantages. “I don’t want to discuss too much about this topic because it would give an excuse to my players,” the coach said. Most of the time, the English teams have less time to recuperate than their opponents. Ruben Amorim is confident that the players will be ready for this match because everyone enjoys taking part in competitions like these. “There won’t be any problems with the players’ readiness for this match.”

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