Blood and Gold’s David Pereira da Costa

On August 31, 2022, David Pereira da Costa will be working for RC Lens. Laurent SANSON / PANORAMIC

PORTRAIT – The Portuguese offensive midfielder, who moved to France when he was nine years old, quickly assumed the role of leader at the Lensois club despite his reserved demeanor and his “little size.”

An acceleration, and the elimination of two players. A hook submerged in the water and another floating in the air. And a goal to bring the Félix-Bollaert stadium up to its current level. April 20, 2022, versus Montpellier, the David Pereira da Costa brand will compete for the very first time in the legendary Lensoise enclosure. “When I first went to watch professionals play, I thought to myself that it must be terrifying to play in a stadium like that, with so many people; nonetheless, I decided to entrust Figaro, a 21-year-old offensive midfielder, with that responsibility. I’m not going to lie; in the beginning, I felt like I had a lot riding on my shoulders. However, the pressure is working to our advantage today. “As of right now, this twelfth man Pereira da Costa kisses her. And the other way around.

The Portuguese player, who arrived in France when he was 9 years old and trained in Lens beginning when he was 11 years old, won over the public and his coach, Franck Haise, who had established him in the last ten games of the previous season. He stands at 1m68 and has been in France since he was 9 years old. “His ability to position himself in the direction of the game on the initial supports, on a ball grip, is truly outstanding. This enables him to analyze…

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