Logbook for Paris, Spring/Summer 2023

Shang Xia and Acne Studios are two of the names. Isidore Montag/Gorunway, Shang Xia

STYLE Undercover, Acne Studios, and Shang Xia all provide work that looks forward to the future.

We will meet at 1:30 p.m. on Wednesday, September 28.

Following a hiatus of three years, the band Undercover finally plays its first gig in the city of lights twenty years after Scob’s debut there. “I wanted a procession that would move people,” explains the designer who was working behind the scenes. Because I had a lot of homesickness for Paris while I was ill with the pandemic. All of the garments, including suits, dresses, and sets of jeans and T-shirts, have a lace-like appearance. The precise notches, which are occasionally lined with organza, contribute to the delicate appearance.

Also, see Saint Laurent on fashion in the flesh for more information.

Flowers made of silk are worn on the lapel of the jacket. In most cases, the sleeves of a Takahashi, Harrington, perfecto, or trench coat are cut out, then the coat is reconstructed into a dress, and the back is knotted. In conclusion, four evening dresses in the shape of bubbles that have a couture sensibility, again combined with flowers, and with amazing poetry that has a little bit of a punk, edge are what Undercover does best.

6:30 p.m.

Acne Studios, a company that was established in Stockholm in 1996, has been showing at Paris Fashion Week for the past ten years. An important milestone for the company, which intends to celebrate it in style with those who are close to it. Following in the footsteps of Kylie Jenner, heiress to the Kardashian clan, are a slew of influential people…

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