Bordeaux pulls out a dramatic victory in Ligue 2, while St. Etienne falls short.

Bordeaux got their first taste of a win at home against Dijon, but St. Etienne suffered another defeat after losing 2-1 to Guingamp on their opponent’s turf (2-1).

Bordeaux faced Dijon on the first day of the 9th day of Ligue 2, and Guingamp faced St. Etienne on the first day of the 9th day of Ligue 2. Both of these amazing posters were made up of a square of past residents of Ligue 1.

After suffering a setback, Bordeaux was able to get back on its feet and reclaim the lead in the championship with a victory in extra time against Dijon (2-1). After Josh Maja scored an early goal for the Bordelais in the eighth minute, the Bordelais were taken aback by Mickael Le Bihan’s goal a few minutes later (71st). The goal that proved to be the game-winner for Bordeaux was scored by the Georgian attacker Zuriko Davitashvili in the 87th minute. The Girondins are ramping up the pressure on Sochaux, who started the day in the first place and who can retake the lead if they earn a draw or better against Nimes at least at their stadium (7:00 p.m.). The latest loss for Dijon makes it four in a row.

Despite Victor Lobry’s goal in the 81st minute, St. Étienne was unable to maintain its winning streak and fell to Guingamp by a score of 2-1. This occurred even though St. Étienne had a tremendous victory at home the previous week against Bordeaux (2-0). Gaetan Courtet’s goal in the 45th minute and Jeremy Livolant’s goal in the 59th minute were enough for the EAG to get back into the top three. The Greens are still ranked 15th in Ligue 2 this season.

The team captained by Laurent Battles was able to avoid the drop to the lower division because of their superior goal differential. However, with only 7 points, they are in immediate danger from all of their competitors who are pursuing them.

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